We are a quality centric organization, and for us quality of our products is the most significant organizational objective. Gaining quality of the produced goods is not a one step process, rather quality is ensures by an amalgamation of a multitude of factors including the right procurement of raw materials, ideal processing, perfect storage and flawless packaging. This is one of the reasons, that our manufacturing and dehydrating processes exhibit superior quality and advanced technology in every phase.

Our process of dehydrating and packaging the dehydrated products includes:

Procurement of superior quality raw materials
We ensure that the raw material that we are fetching is farm fresh, grown in organic manner, is free from any diseases or problems, and possesses the natural taste & aroma owing to right cultivation and harvesting.

Top and Tailing
After fetching the onions and garlic, we peel them and then wash them with medicated water possessing 10 PPM of chlorine. Both peeling and washing are carried out using advanced technology machines which ensure complete hygiene and flawlessness. After this, the washed onions and garlic are sent for a second wash, to ensure that any impurities are complete eliminated and the products are ready to be cut.

Cutting and Slicing
Washed products are then put on conveyer belts to undergo uniform cutting and slicing through hi-tech machines.

After cutting and slicing, the products go for a two step drying process which dehydrates the products at right temperatures without affecting their natural taste or aroma. The heat is supplied in two ways, first an imperial dryer is deployed for drying the products, and then the products are put on a hot air continuous belt dryer. This ensures that the moisture content is reduced in the products whilst they retain their natural qualities to the optimum.

Air Cooling
After the dying and dehydration process is complete, its time to cool down the products through air conditioning systems. Also the products are passed through huller machines that give them the desired shape – kibbed, flakes, slices, or powder. Also the unwanted skin or other materials are removed here. Skin removal is performed through the process of air aspiration.

Color Sorting
After this, manual sorting is also performed to remove any foreign bodies or unwanted particles. Then the color sorting is performed by the automatic color sorting machines, auto sortex. These machines sort out and remove any unwanted colored particles except the main product, that is, onions or garlic.

Metal Detection
Further the products are passed through metal detectors and heavy rare magnets for removing any ferrous or non-ferrous particles. This step is quite important to ensure complete purity of the product.

Finally, superior quality packaging is performed after weighing the products to ensure that they retain their natural taste and aroma till the time they reach the consumers.

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